The CONCEPT i RIDE accessible vehicle. TOYOTA CONCEPT-i RIDE TOYOTA CONCEPT-愛i RIDE The future of mass transit is personal.
The Human Support Robot at-home companion. Human Support Robot Your helping hand.
The futuristic CONCEPT-i vehicle. TOYOTA CONCEPT-i TOYOTA CONCEPT-愛i More than a machine, a partner.
The CONCEPT i WALK autonomous scooter. TOYOTA CONCEPT-i WALK TOYOTA CONCEPT-愛i WALK Where cars can't go, it can.
The ultracompact self-balancing i-ROAD vehicle. i-ROAD It's like you're skiing through city streets.
Paralympian shot-putter Tyrone Pillay. Tyrone Pillay SHOT-PUTTER Tyrone Pillay works for Toyota in South Africa. He is also a Paralympic shot-putter. Hailing from Durban, South Africa, Tyrone is a Toyota technical specialist who doubles as a Paralympian shot-putting powerhouse.
Track and Field Paralympian Tatyana McFadden. Tatyana McFadden WHEELCHAIR RACER Tatyana is 28 years old. She was born with a problem with her back and lived in an orphanage in Russia when she was very young. Still, Tatyana has won 17 medals at the Paralympics. She challenges what we all believe is possible. Tatyana is a 17-time Paralympic medalist―and she's only 28. Born with spina bifida and starting her life in a Russian orphanage, Tatyana is challenging what's possible one competition at a time.
Olympic swimmer Rami Anis. Rami Anis SWIMMER Rami is a swimmer from Syria. Because of the war in Syria, he is swimming for the Refugee Olympic Team. Rami is showing the world how strong and brave he is. As a swimmer for the Refugee Olympic Team, Rami Anis is training to achieve his Olympic goal in 2020. Even when war tore through his hometown of Aleppo, Syria, Rami still continued his Olympic journey, showing his resilience to the world.

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Olympic and Paralympic Partnerships

As the Worldwide Official Mobility Partner of the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee, we celebrate movement.

As the proud Worldwide Official Mobility Partner of the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee, we celebrate the pinnacle of human movement.

Our Athletes

These athletes remind us that when you try your best, nothing is really impossible.

These athletes remind us that with passion and perseverance, nothing is really impossible.