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The last 85 years have brought incredible advancements in mobility technology. But we’re only getting started. The prototypes on this page are a glimpse of the future we’re building at Toyota—where all of humankind is free to move.

The Concept-i RIDE accessible vehicle. The Concept-i RIDE accessible vehicle.

TOYOTA Concept-愛i WALK

Where cars can't go, it can.

Designed for sidewalks, TOYOTA Concept-i WALK autonomously takes users around their city and can be ridden with footwear for any occasion.

Concept vehicle shown.
The Concept-i WALK autonomous scooter.

Toyota Concept-愛i

More than a machine, a partner.

The leader of our Concept-愛i Series, Toyota Concept-愛i uses artificial intelligence to connect with its driver—learning, protecting and inspiring them on the road ahead.

Concept vehicle shown.
The Toyota Concept-愛i accessible vehicle.

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