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Tyrone Pillay

Toyota’s very own shot-putting powerhouse.
Born May 1, 1980
Hometown Durban, South Africa
Sport Para Athletics
Paralympic Games 2016


Tyrone always dreamed of becoming a great athlete. He dreamt of one day playing cricket for South Africa and believed that this is what he was meant to do. He played for over 14 years before he realized that, because of his impairment, he was never going to realize his dream of playing cricket for South Africa. And, as he grew older and adapted to his corrective prosthetic left foot, Tyrone became increasingly convinced that Olympic grandeur was also not within his reach. Still, in each free moment after work at Toyota S.A. and on weekends, he enjoyed playing sports with friends and colleagues.

Later, while watching the shot put at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games on TV, Tyrone’s dreams of athletic glory were suddenly reawakened; he witnessed athletes who were strong and tall with a build not dissimilar to his own competing on the world stage. This was the moment Tyrone knew that he belonged on that Paralympic field and it was time to embrace that.

Just eight years after watching the Beijing Paralympics, Tyrone stepped onto the field in Rio to compete in the shot put for Team South Africa. At his first-ever Paralympic Games, Tyrone proudly accepted the bronze medal for his country.

Quote My impossibility would be to leave a legacy for the next generation of athletes; to try and create a world where nobody sees a divide between able-bodied and [impaired] athletes. Unquote

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