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Rami Anis

When he lost his country, he found his home in the Olympic pool.
Born Mar. 18, 1991
Hometown Aleppo, Syria
Sport Swimming
Olympic Games 2016


In 2015, after four years of living as a refugee in Turkey, Syrian swimmer Rami decided to make the trek to Europe to continue the pursuit of his Olympic dreams. The young man braved the dangerous waters of the Mediterranean on an inflatable dinghy, making landfall on a Greek island. From there, Rami embarked on a treacherous overland journey before reaching Belgium where he was granted asylum.

Finally, after his epic odyssey to Europe, Rami’s Olympic dreams were within reach. In 2016, the Syrian swimmer and ten other courageous athletes marched behind the flag of the International Olympic Committee's Refugee Olympic Team at the Opening Ceremony in Brazil. Rami finished his first Olympic Games recording a personal best of 54.25 seconds in the 100m freestyle.

Quote For me the Olympics, it’s my dream, and the village, it’s my home. Unquote

"My message to all refugees in the world: Even if you have a hard life, put it behind you and try to achieve your dreams."

Rami is fulfilling his own dreams while bringing hope to the millions of people around the world currently displaced by deprivation and war.

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